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Carrot Sandwich Spread

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5 md Carrots

1/3 c Tahini

1 tb Miso, white

1/4 ts Celery seeds

1 Garlic clove, pressed

pn Cayenne pepper, optional Extract juice from carrots and reserve 2/3 cup juice and 1 cup pulp.
Whisk together carrot juice and tahini until well blended.
Mix together in pulp and remaining ingredients.
Spread generously on whole grain toast and top with lettuce.
Per serving (spread only): 257 cal; 5 g prot; 207 mg sod; 12 g carb; 11 g fat; 0 mg chol; 126 mg calcium Vegetarian Gourmet, Summer 1993/MM by DEEANNE

Potatoes with Apple Onions & Mint

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potato.jpgx Potatoes, cooked, peeled, And boiled, in 1 1/2 inch Cubes x Green onions, finely Chopped x Tart green apples, less than The potatoes, peeled and Diced smaller than the Potatoes x Salt x Black pepper x Lots of fresh, chopped mint Heat some oil in a pan.
Cook the onions and potatoes until soft and crusty, respectively.
Add the apples and mint and cook for 6-8 minutes, stirring often.
From _Potatoes_ again.
From: (Chuck Narad). rfvc Digest V94, Aug.
30, 1994.
Formatted by Sue Smith, S.Smith34, using MMCONV

Lemon and Apple Marmalade

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3 Lemons, thinly sliced and

- seeded 3 lb Tart apples, peeled, cored

- and sliced 7 1/2 c Cold water

10 c Sugar

Soak lemons in water overnight.
Pour the lemons and water into an enameled, tinned or stainless steel kettle and cook gently for about 20 minutes, or until the peel is tender.
Add the apples and cook until they are tender, aproximatly 20 minutes.
Stir in the sugar and boil until jelling point is reached.
Pour into jars and cover.
Process, if desired 10 minutes.
Makes about 7 pints

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