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Batas a Portuguesa - Portuguese Fried Potatoes

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1/4 c Butter

1/4 c Oil (olive oil may be used)

750 g Potatoes, peeled and sliced

-1/4″ thick rounds 1/2 Level teaspoon salt

1/2 Freshly ground black pepper

1 Level tablespoon finely

-chopped parsley 1.
in a pan heat butter and oil.
fry potatoes on both sides until golden

season potatoes with salt and pepper, transfer to a heated plater and serve immediately sprinkle with parsley.
serves 4

Dip Showmanship

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No Ingredients To dress up dips in holiday style, serve them with festive flair.
Leave your serving bowls on the shelf and try one of these fresh ideas.
PARTY-PERFECT PEPPER POTS: Start with a large red, yellow or green pepper.
Place the pepper on its side and cut a large slice from the top, forming an opening that’s large enough to dip into easily.
Remove the seeds and membranes and fill the pepper with your favorite dip.
COLORFUL CABBAGE CUPS: Cut a thin slice off the stem end of a red or green cabbage so it will be upright.
Using a small, sharp knife, cut a “bowl” in the top of the cabbage and tuck in a small glass bowl.
Fill the bowl with your favorite.
Save the cabbage you’ve removed for coleslaw, or toss it into a salad.
BEAUTIFUL BREAD BOWL: Cut a thick slice off the top of a small round loaf of bread and hollow out the bread, leaving a 1/2-1″ thick shell.
Fill the bread bowl with your favorite dip.
Cut the top slice and the bread you’ve removed from the inside into bite-size cubes to use as dippers.
Works great with classic Pace Con Queso Dip.

Dal Palak

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2 bn Spinach

1 bn Fenugreek leaves

1 bn Dill

100 g Blanched, diced tomatoes

1 ea 1-inch piece ginger

3 Garlic cloves

1/2 ts Turmeric powder

2 sm Onions; minced

1 ts Ground cumin seeds

Salt; to taste Chili powder; to taste Wash and soak dal in water for a couple of hours.
Heat 1 tblsp.
ghee and fry onoin, ginger and garlic till soft.
Put in the rest of the ingredients along with the dal and a little water.
Cover tightly and cook over a low fire till the dal is tender and quite dry.
Mix thoroughly with a spoon. Remove from fire and pour 5 tblsps.
of ghee over top before serving.
Source: Cooking the Punjabi way — by Aroona Reejhsinghani Typed for you by Karen Mintzias

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